In the Orchards


Last week, we took a trip to the orchards for a fall photoshoot with my good friend Carly of Carly Arin Photography. Of course, I take photos of Penelope all the time, but I haven't had real photos taken since last Christmas. She has grown so very much since then and has really turned from a baby into a sweet little girl over this last year. When Carly launched her business and started offering fall sessions in the orchards, I knew that I wanted to get some photos taken, not just of Penelope, but of our family together. 



What I love about Carly's photography is that she captures the candid moments, the ones that really show the subject's true spirit shining through. Carly also has a little girl, who is just about 3 weeks older than Penelope (and that's actually how we reconnected after so many years! Carly has become my go-to Mommy friend since our baby girls were in utero!) and so she knows exactly what a Mom like myself would want to remember.

There are so many photos here that truly showcase Penelope's personality at this age...her seriousness and determination when she is busy, her pure joy of getting to run wild like a little Muppet, her pensive 'thinking' face complete with finger on cheek, her curiosity of everything around her and especially the photographs that capture her beautiful smile, showing all of her many teeth. These are my favorites and the things that I just want to freeze in time {--->why do our sweet babies have to grow up?!} I'm so happy to have them documented! 

I loved so many of these photos that I wanted to share my favorites here. This went from just a few to a whole lot, so this is more like a photo dump. Now I just have to decide on which ones to frame! If you live in the New York/New Jersey area and are looking for professional photos, I recommend checking out Carly's website: Carly Arin Photography!




Ah my sweet little lamb, I can't believe what a big girl you are growing into! Thanks to Carly for capturing these great moments. I'm so happy to have these photos!


all photos by Carly Arin Photography