Five Things Friday

{penelope in the orchards; photo by carly arin photography}


Is it me or as we near the final third of the year, do the weeks just seem to fly by faster? I swear, Christmas will be here before we know it. This week was a rough one in the working mom department, and also in the sleep {or lack thereof} department in that I didn't get a whole lot. I also just lost half of my post after I finished writing it :\ So in other words, I'm ready for this week to end.

In any event, this weekend we plan to take Penelope pumpkin picking and perhaps catch a hay ride or corn maze. Last weekend, we took her to the apple orchards and had some professional photos taken {see above}. I really wanted to capture her at this fun-loving age where everything is interesting and exciting to her. My friend Carly took some really beautiful photos and I'll be sharing some of my favorites next week. I hope you all have a truly fantastic weekend filled with rest and apple cider donuts!

{his + hers on a sunday afternoon; can you spot my photo bombers?}


{finding new bands c/o my musically awesome sister christine}



{inspired street art}



{beautiful heirloom tomatoes} 



this sweet 'n salty marshmallow popcorn mix needs to be mine. #getinmyface

incredible pumpkin kahlua toasted marshmallow brownies 

i can already smell these slow cooker root beer baked beans wafting through my apartment

i don't celebrate jewish holidays but wish someone would invite me over for this chocolate babka

these autumn avocado toasts have it all: gorgonzola, honey, apples, and, oh yeah, avocado...


i have a girl crush on natalie dormer (aka game of thrones' margaery tyrell) and this just solidifies it

uproxx ranks all of seinfeld's fictional movies. i personally would have chosen rochelle rochelle and prognosis negative for the #1 + #2 spots, respectively, but this still had me cracking up.

zombies rejoice! the walking dead was renewed for a 6th season, just days before the season 5 premiere. will you be watching?

one of my favorites for forever and ever, walton goggins, talks about venus' return to sons of anarchy and what has transpired between she and tig over the last bunch of months.

blake lively & ryan reynolds annouced they are having a baby and i really hope that the name van is in the running.


i'm on the cusp of gen x (though technically a millenial) and this article about being the first generation of parents raising kids with technology, social media & beyond really hit home. it's something i think about frequently!

here are 3 everyday eyeliner shapes that i can't wait to try

how mark bittman got his kids to eat all the things

some recommended email rules from the experts

give your life a fall overhaul. don't mind if i do.


What are you loving this week?