Spooky Spirit

{pumpkin carving 2013}

Are you into Halloween decorating?

I definitely appreciate Halloween decorations in the suburbs, but decorating an apartment is just not quite the same. We have such limited space as it is, to add more clutter in the way of decorations is really a challenge. However, I'm a little more on top of things this year and with a toddler in tow, I think it's time we get back on the decorating train. Though we still have some work to do, we started putting some things together over the last couple of weeks. 

First up, I went scouring through our bookcase for any spooky books to display.

I can't believe I forgot about New York Noir. This is a really cool coffee table book that showcases crime photos from the New York Daily News. These photos are no joke; evoking an era, readers find the execution of Ruth Snyder from Sing Sing prison in 1928 and other grizzly crimes committed in New York over the last 100 years. It's incredibly morbid, but there's something that I find oddly compelling about it. I placed this on our entry table atop a quilted fall table runner that I sewed a few years ago.

I knew we had to have more books that would fit the bill, and I came upon a few that made the cut. The Walking Dead, Book 2; The Addams Family; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Under the Black Flag.

I love this so much and think showcasing various books throughout the year is actually a really fun way to change up your decor remember all of the great books that I have buried in our bookcase!

In other events, we bought some window clings for our terrace door.

We live in a loft and so the door to our terrace is very big and very made of glass. Perfect for little hands to help decorate!

So it's not a ton of decorations just yet, but this weekend we will finish the door and plan to do a bit of pumpkin picking to round it all out! I'll keep you posted as we add some more decor over the next couple of weeks!

How are you decorating for Halloween?