Five Things Friday

{snowstorms and frigid temps this week in Colorado}


I really can't believe that we made it to Friday. It's been a whirlwind with traveling to Colorado earlier this week and the craziness will continue through the weekend. Shaun is off to Miami for the weekend for a bachelor party while I'm heading to Philly tonight with co-workers for a Rocky Balboa themed 5K at the bright hour of 7:30AM tomorrow (it's work-related, but I'm looking forward to a girls night and team bonding!). The rest of the weekend will be filled with Eagle Scout celebrations and a christening. It will be another crazy time, but then again, when isn't it? I hope you all have a truly fabulous weekend!


{casual pants purge}


{our living room hang out set up prior to our new couch delivery; keepin' it real for ya}


{simple sweatsgiving centerpiece}


{this pretty french connection dress that i scored for $37. awaiting its arrival and hoping it will be a perfect fit for a wedding next week}


I didn't have a ton of time for links this week, but here are a few things I loved:

6 Things You Shouldn't Buy at Trader Joe's. I don't buy anything at TJ's because there isn't one near me unfortunately!

When is a model considered plus sized?

Yes! 10 things your mom never told you.

Are you raising nice kids? It's one of my goals in life.

Want immediately: warm honey fig dip with blue cheese & garlic pitas

Totally freaked by this round up of very special episodes

And finally, the cast of Sons of Anarchy was on Conan this week, and apparently it was epic {I'm 2 episodes behind and so I have it DVR'd but refuse to watch it until I'm caught up on eps! let the fan-shaming begin}


Have a wonderful weekend!