5 Things Parents Shouldn't Post on Social Media

Social media is such a beast, isn't it? It's actually something that I wish I could quit, but I'm certainly addicted and of course, feel the need to be active for the blog's sake. What and when to post on social media is something that I think about often and I've yet to really figure out how I feel about it, especially when it comes to posting about my daughter.



Social media etiquette and repercussions are still being figured out, and it extends beyond parenting. It's a way of life now. I blog and share a LOT of my life online with friends and family but also with strangers. I'm ok with that, but I am very cautious of what I share and don't share. I constantly question whether it's too much? Perhaps I shouldn't be showing any photos of my child? It's a matter of safety, of appropriateness and of plain ol' not wanting to be obnoxious. There may come a time when I decide to not share anything about my child/children. Kath Eats recently announced that she would no longer be posting on Baby KERF for the privacy of her son. And while I loved reading about Mazen and following their family milestones, I have to respect that a fellow mother is choosing this route.

And so when is the line of over sharing crossed? I'm sure there are many more instances to add to the list, but as I began thinking about it, there are 5 things that come to mind that I believe parents should not share on social media.

Photos of your child without clothes on.

I would think that this goes without saying, but it amazes me what I see on social media and other blogs. Little girls with no shirts on. Tiny hinies. Thought babies and kids are babies and kids...don't they deserve privacy too? Isn't it our job to protect their privacy at that level? I can't be alone in thinking this is mildly inappropriate. I wouldn't want random people seeing nude pics of my child and I don't think they want to see them either (because let's face it, not everyone who follows you on social media is actually a friend).

Photos of your child in the bathtub (below the neck).

Again, I've seen so many baby behinds in the bath tub on social media and blogs. It's just not something to be shared, regardless of the wrinkly, cuteness factor. And if we've learned anything about the internet, it's that what goes on the net, stays on the net. 

Toilet pics.

You know what I mean. You've been working hard on potty training and your child finally goes on the potty! Good for you! It's time to celebrate! But please resist the urge to snap a photo of said full potty and share it with your social network. Please? I don't want to see that. Talk about parental embarrassment when your child is old enough to realize you posted pictures or detailed status updates on this. Also, can we agree to extend this rule to dirty diapers or blowouts that have made their way onto hands or clothes? We know you're a rock star parent who doesn't mind a little poop running down their forearm. But no one else needs to see that. In fact, let's just agree to not post any pics of bodily fluids. Ever.

Photos of your child's school.

Just because you never know. Especially as a blogger, I try my best to not disclose where I live and certainly not where my daughter goes to daycare.

Gratuitous imagery or evidence that your child is a superstar.

We know your child is the greatest being to ever walk the planet...don't we all truly think that about our own kids (I think mine is too!)? People want to see photos and read updates, but there is a line between giving enough to satisfy and overloading people with tales of wonderment. 


So what do you think? Do you have a threshold for what you post on social media? Or do you post it all? Where do you think the line should fall? And, any other things that are missing from this list?