We had quite a whirlwind weekend with {mostly} great things to speak of.

On Thursday, I received a call from Penelope's school that she had a fever. By Friday night, her fever spiked which really threw me for a loop. I know it's just the time of year for colds and sickness, not to mention that she is in daycare which is just a festering ball of sickness that gets passed around non-stop. Regardless of why...it sucks.

 After Penelope went to sleep and we settled in for that truly heartbreaking episode of Sons {I think I cried like five times throughout...}, I saw my phone light up with a call from my sister Kimberly. Though we talk over text or chat almost everyday, it's rare to receive a call, especially at 10:00PM.

Kim was calling with news that she and her boyfriend Nick had gotten engaged!!!!!!

I have been waiting for this moment and was hoping that it would happen this year. We are so beyond thrilled for Kimberly and Nick. They are truly a perfect pair and I'm so happy to welcome such a great person into our family. I'm so happy for my sister and cannot WAIT to begin planning these celebrations!

We headed into Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon to see them and our families for a bit and get ready for a friend's wedding that evening, also in BK.

The wedding was at the Brooklyn Winery and it was truly beautiful. After a long night of eating, drinking and dancing, we made our way back to Kim & Nick's to crash for the night.

On Sunday, we were up bright and early with Penelope and took her for a stroll around Brooklyn and for a lovely brunch at Farmacy (complete with copious coffee and Advil). Such an adorable little spot. Penelope spent the rest of the day with her Aunt Kimmi & Uncle Nick where they spoiled her with lots of park time.

Meanwhile, I headed out to Long Island to celebrate my best friend Lindsey and her impending baby girl, due in February!

Lindsey and I have been friends since college and I'm so so so excited for her to become a Mom. Her baby girl will be born right around Penelope's birthday!

I swung back through Brooklyn, picked up Penny Bird and blasted some Frozen tunes for her on the ride home. Poor nugget is still not feeling 100%, but she is on the mend and was really a champ this weekend with being shuffled around from place to place. I think we are all looking forward to a quiet, long weekend coming up!

We arrived home last night, settled in and watched what was perhaps the greatest catch in football history. Too bad it was in vain since the Giants lost anyway!

Here's to a great, short work week! I hope you are still following along with the 27 Days of Thankfulness Challenge! I'll be posting mine on Thursday morning...