Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

It snowed for a lot of the day yesterday. Am I the only one who didn't really mind? I kind of love the snow, and the fact that I got to spend the day at home with my love bug just made it all the more sweet. I can't believe that another Thanksgiving is upon us. I really love Thanksgiving so much. It's a holiday that revolves around all of my favorite things; Food. Family. Cool weather. And no gifts. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts, but it's nice to have a holiday with no pressure to prepare anything other than some food to share.


Over the last month, I took some time to take note of something I was truly thankful for each day. Whether big or small, there are so many things to appreciate everyday. I hope to continue this throughout the year! I hope you'll share the things you are most thankful for as well! And most of all, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday!




Nov. 1: A rainy and cold day turned fun after seeing Penelope's pure joy at Field Station Dinosaurs.

Nov. 2: Daylight Savings awesomeness. All of us in bed at 8:40PM = Mom gets to watch Scandal in bed with a pile of Halloween candy.

Nov. 3: Dinner plans to celebrate Christine's birthday; so lucky to have my family.

Nov. 4: So much Mom solidarity on today's blog post. Mom acceptance starts with small steps of support!

Nov. 5: The realization that lattes are just $1.99 at Dunkin' for the entire MONTH of November! Woot!


Nov. 6: The most amazing sunset over the Hudson. 

Nov. 7: A man who peels 15 pounds of potatoes on a Friday night {and still likes me afterward}

Nov. 8: Our annual Sweatsgiving feast with good friends

Nov. 9: So thankful for my cousin, his pick-up truck, and his willingness to help us move our old couch to make way for the new one!

Nov. 10: In complete denial about my work trip to Denver but happy that my presentation went well today.


Nov. 11: A great travel companion for the Colorado trip; and we made it safely despite the snow!

Nov. 12: A good meeting, a safe drive to the airport, and a successful flight home from Denver.

Nov. 13: Not quite the reunion I'd hoped for {P was kinda mad at me}, but just so happy to be at home with her.

Nov. 14: The best co-workers ever who willingly went to Philadelphia on a Friday night for an early morning 5K the next day.

Nov. 15: Bottles of wine and chatting around the kitchen table with my parents and sisters until late in the night.

Nov. 16: Morning snuggles and Frozen viewing in bed with Penelope. But...since when does she wake up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning?

Nov. 17: Feeling bleary-eyed but thankful for a weekend filled with friends and family.


Nov. 18: Scott Foley. (I was unwaivering Team Noel!)

Nov. 19: Idina Menzel & Michael Buble's Baby It's Cold Outside...is it too early for Christmas music? I don't think so.

Nov. 20: A decadent treat on my way to work: the Dunkin' Donuts Snickerdoodle Cookie latte.

Nov. 21: My mom, who steps up at the drop of a hat to care for Penelope when I need to be at work.

Nov. 22: So much love! Celebrating the wedding of dear friends and the engagement of my sister and future brother-in-law!

Nov. 23: Celebrating life! My best friend's baby shower.

Nov. 24: A tough day that is testing the will of this working Mama. We made it through, though, and accept the things that can't be changed right now.

Nov. 25: A husband who cooks! Steaks and red wine for dinner.

Nov. 26: the gloriously cool weather and snow outside while I'm cuddled up indoors with my love bug.

Nov. 27: Feeling blessed and thankful today and everyday for my daughter, husband, family and all of the good things in my life.


Happy Thanksgiving all!