Life Lately

It's Wednesday and I thought a little random catching up is in order! Here's what's been happening as of late! Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's post. I think we already have a pretty awesome and supportive group of people right here, and I'm so happy that you took the time to join in the conversation!

Let's get to it!

On Halloween, Penelope got to wear her costume to school and they had a party. It was midday so it just wasn't possible for me to attend. I was pretty bummed and it certainly contributed to my love/hate relationship with being a working mom. But! We took her trick or treating at night which was a lot of fun. While we were out, we left this guy outside our door for fellow trick or treaters. Penelope made it through 3 floors and then started having a meltdown so we headed home to dole out candy instead.


I think she had just as much fun doing that!


Saturday was our big building Halloween party and Shaun and I dressed as tourists.

It was a simple DIY costume that was actually a big hit!


On Friday, we had a pot luck lunch at work. I work for a small company that is kind of like a big crazy family so it was really fun for everyone to participate and bring in their signature dishes and then have a huge lunch together. I brought pizza dip and a super simple apple crisp that was gluten, dairy and nut free (we have a lot of dietary restrictions in our office) and it was surprisingly awesome.

I also did a little traveling over the last couple of weeks. This is me enjoying a full length mirror (I don't have one at home. I know, it's ridiculous).

Last week was my sister Christine's birthday! We celebrated on Monday night with dinner at Zona Rosa in Brooklyn and cake afterwards (obviously). My parents got her a slow cooker and so my gifts consisted of a slow cooker cookbook as well as the Skinnytaste cookbook! I want to get a copy for myself as well.


I already told you about the awesome dinosaur birthday party that we went to, but I did not mention that Shaun was chosen to participate in the T Rex demonstration and had his head 'eaten' by a T Rex!

Oh and on Sunday, we had music class and the kids dressed up yet again in their costumes. It was pretty adorable.

Then we headed off to my cousin Charlie's baptism. In my total distraction of chasing Penelope, I have no pictures of the newly christened little nugget, but she was so adorable and it almost {but not quite} made me want a little baby again.

This weekend we have our annual Sweatsgiving dinner with friends. It's crazy to be running right into thanksgiving celebrations since Halloween just ended but it is what it is! This is the one party that we host every year for a small group of friends. We rented our party room and I'm excited to get cooking over the next few nights!

And lastly...I think I'm getting sick, but trying oh-so-hard to fend it off! I went to bed with the hint of a nasal drip and woke up dripping, stuffy and with giant, yucky, puffy eyes.

Oh! One more thing...Dunkin' Donuts has $1.99 medium lattes through November! Woot!