Five Things Friday

{the only good thing about daylight savings: the return of this amazing sunset over the hudson; photo by J. Spielman}

We say goodbye to Halloween this week and hello to Thanksgiving! Tomorrow we are hosting our small Sweatsgiving gathering and so this week has been a little crazy to prepare for that. Last night I made my grandmother's cranberry sauce, tonight I'll be whipping up mashed potatoes (I have Shaun on standby with an extra veggie peeler for those 15 pounds of Yukon gold awaiting us) and setting up my cheese board, dips and other goodies. Tomorrow it's turkey time, which is mostly Shaun's job. I'll be sure to fill you in next week on how it all comes together! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


{participating in the democratic process + showing Penelope the way}


{leftover halloween candy en route to the office}


{a simple party treat beloved by adults + kids alike: grilled cheese canapes}


{dunkin's got a new croissant donut; have you tried it?}


this harvest cobb salad; i've been obsessed with harvest salads lately!

pioneer woman gives us gorgeous photos as always with this butternut squash & kale side dish

salivating over this dark chocolate, pumpkin butter & butterscotch skillet cookie. i just really want to make a skillet cookie. doesn't that just sound awesome?

maple cinnamon glazed root vegetables are really calling my name

i really, really, really want to do this hot chocolate bar over the holiday season!



love this list of actor replacements they thought we wouldn't notice

the new girl has a new intro and i'm kinda bummed about it. though i do appreciate the incorporation daman wayans jr., on whom i'm totally crushing.

yes, there WILL be a toy story 4!

sofia loren finally breaks her silence on this iconic pic with jayne mansfield {i crack up every time i see this}

why we won't see bran in season 5 of game of thrones; i'm not upset about it.


love this letter to a 2 year old daughter

i'm definitely going to try this 52-week savings plan in 2015! love it!

this article about what i wish i knew before becoming a working mother so hit home for me

what starbucks taketh away, it gives back: the eggnog latte has been given a reprieve! {i'm thrilled because it's my favorite holiday bev!}

and finally, the crazy way that water affects your mood


Have a great weekend! Share some fun stuff with me please!