Kiddo Christmas Clothes

{girls: rosette dress/reindeer pj's/sparkle & spice pj's/sweater dress/silver sparkle shoes/boots}

{boys: plaid shirt & tie/bulldog pj's/santa pj's/sweater vest/hat/sneakers}


One of my favorite things about having a child at Christmas time is the clothes!

Oh Lord, there are so many unbelievably adorable clothing options to help celebrate the holidays (tutus! sparkles! sweater vests...oh the sweater vests!). I try to restrain myself...but it's really tough. I pulled together some adorable holiday clothing that I love, above. We don't have all of these things, but we do have the rosette dress, both girls pajama sets, and more that's not even pictured here.

This past weekend was Penelope's Christmas pageant at school and while she refused to stand for a good photo, I did manage to snap the above. I had originally bought this pretty Carter's velvety dress months ago to save for Christmas (seems to be out of stock now, though). Then, I found the rosette dress (pictured in the collage) which was just too darling for words. On the morning of her pageant, as I scrambled to get her dressed and ready, she was super excited to wear this dress. She is just getting to the point of being a little excited about wearing certain things and this dress got a pretty strong reaction. Unfortunately, while I had previously tried the dress on with P standing, she had not sat down in the dress. When she did, it became clear that the dress was just too tight across the mid-section. Why would they make a dress for a toddler with no give whatsoever? P immediately started crying from the pain and I thanked my lucky stars for being too lazy to return the original red velvet dress, which fit perfectly. #momwinning

Also white tights + black patent leather shoes = cutest thing ever.

{an elf's four main food groups/christmas is coming}

Some of you have also commented on some of Penelope's cute pop culture t-shirts that she's been sporting. I actually bought both of these shirts from a zulily sale way back in August when I was shopping for her Halloween treat bag. I saw them and had to snap them up immediately because I knew I'd never find them again. Unfortunately, I can't seem to track them down and no company was listed on the order email or on the neck labels. They aren't officially licensed (don't tell my office about that!), and so it's hard to track down the original source. If anyone can find these, please let me know as I've had lots of people asking!

Lastly, this past weekend we celebrated Christmas with my dad's side of the family and we tried to match the kiddos in their pajamas! If you recall, we also did this last year:

I hope we can get the kids to agree to this every year because cute is this?!

So that's the holiday goods we are loving this season!

Do you buy special holiday outfits for your kids? Pajamas? Dresses? Suits?

What are some of your favorites this year?