Friday Things

We've gotten quite the walloping of snow here in New Jersey and New York over the last week. I'm never one to complain about the winter, though. I am a notorious sweater and so while I love the beach and eating all of the ice cream I can eat, I don't relish those hot and humid summer months. And so I'm happy to bundle up in a cozy scarf and cute hat and be on my way. Let's just say those snow boots paid for themselves this winter!

The Winter Olympics start tonight...will you be watching?

I'm really more of a Summer Olympics kinda gal, but I do love seeing all of the countries come together and just the excitement around the whole thing, even if it is for winter sports. Shaun is pretty psyched about curling, though. 

Shaun is going out with friends tonight, so I will probably tune in and out of the Olympics and watch a girly movie that I can only do when Shaun isn't around. Any suggestions? I'm debating between Pitch Perfect and City of Bones (loved those books!)

Next week is Valentine's Day, and while I'm not so into making a big deal of it, I do love all things red, pink and heart-shaped! I have a few sweet outfits for Penelope and am trying to find a fun Valentine's actvity that we can do with Penelope...any ideas?

This is one of my favorite Penelope photos...from Valentine's last year, when she was just about 2 weeks old:

Already telling me to stop with the photos. Clearly, she already had an inkling of what she was in for.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, I would also love to eat one of these red velvet cheesecakes:

or perhaps some raspberry & cream-stuffed French toast.


This weekend, I plan to get a little sleep, spend time with my baby bear and shop for a new media console for our living room. And I can't wait!

What are your weekend plans?

What are your Friday Things?