Friday Things

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Is it me or are the weeks just flying by? I feel like it was just the middle of February, and here we are in the middle of March. Time is going by so fast that I’ve really been neglecting the blog and I hate that. I’ve tried to do a few Facebook posts on what we’ve been eating, but overall, I really need to give some of the simple updates that have been going on as of late!


My head is still spinning over True Detective. I’m ok with the ending even if I was a little disappointed. I felt as though the show set us up for so much more than was paid off (e.g., what up with his daughter? What about the other horsemen? Was that one guy really the mastermind of this whole thing? Him? Does MM clean up and cut that hair?!) Overall, we really loved watching this show. And while I got so into it, I won’t lie and say that the season ender left me anywhere near how I felt after Sons of Anarchy. Still not over that one.


In other TV news, I'm obsessing over The Walking Dead. I've long been a fan, but somehow this show manages to reinvent itself each season. And when I thought I couldn't love Daryl more...sigh. This week's ep really left me hanging and I'm afraid we won't find out what happened there for a few more episodes...if at all this season.

I once again got back on Weight Watchers this week. I’m down 1.5lbs and feeling good, albeit a bit nervous going into the weekend. Must maintain healthy eating!

In big Penelope news, she is walking! Not a ton, but she started out with a few steps about a month ago, and now she is full blown cruising. She really wants to RUN to where she wants to be, which leads to a lot of shaky legs and falling, but otherwise, she is well on her way. She still prefers crawling to get where she wants to go quickly, and almost uses walking as a show-off trick. Also, she loves dip.


I've been digging this Party Proof Matte lipstick in Peony that I received in one of my last Birchbox's (I cancelled my subscription) and I love it! So bold and has real staying power. Perfect for those mornings {ahem, every morning} when I have no time for makeup outside of a quick swipe of mascara and really easily ups the ante on the make-up situation so that it at least seems like I tried.

I'm also loving this fleece-lined flannel shirt that Shaun bought for me. Yes, it's a men's shirt, but I don't care. I love wearing it around the apartment when it's chilly, or even out for a walk around the neighborhood. So warm and cozy, but also looks cute when paired with tall boots and a knit hat!

I've been trying to prep our meals in advance for the week to make it easier on ourselves on busy weeknights. For next week, I have unstuffed cabbage and chicken enchiladas on the menu! What are some of your favorite make ahead meals?

And lastly, I'm loving all of the fun St. Patrick's Day stuff going on this week. So much fun green food for me to drool over. Dunkin' Donuts has really upped the ante with their line of mint Oreo donuts (11 Points+ for that bad boy) and Irish cream coffee (Yum.). Too bad I can't have any! Meanwhile, I'll be dreaming of these little frosted chocolate stout cakes:

Have a great weekend everyone!