Friday Things

Here we are, another Friday and I'm so ready for the weekend.

We had another busy week in the Humiston house and here we are on the brink of holiday time, warm weather (I hope!), a few upcoming trips this spring and summer and more.


Over the last two weeks, I've bought a lot of new shoes...and as my mom always says, Some people have 300 pairs! What's the big deal?

I do plan to return some of them, specifically the top left 2 ballet flats. I scored some good sales at Urban Outfitters and Gap, and while I really like all of the Urban Outfitters shoes (the other 3 in the bunch), to be honest, none of them feel like 'the one' for spring and summer. I do a lot of walking and so comfort and durability are key but I'd also like to not look like I'm wearing orthopedic shoes...any suggestions? I'm considering a pretty pair of Tieks, but am hesitant to make such an investment unless I know they will be truly awesome.

Who said you were allowed to be a big girl?

Today is sweat pants day at Penelope's daycare. Her child care center is also a school and since the older kids wear uniforms, they have a fundraising program to donate $1 on Fridays to participate a themed outfit day. Penelope obviously doesn't wear a uniform yet, but it's still fun to participate. Such a big girl.


We are celebrating Easter, round one this weekend with my side of the family. I'm pretty excited to get Penelope outside for some playing on real grass and for a little Easter egg hunt. I'm not sure she will get it just yet, but something tells me yogurt melt-filled eggs will do the trick. (Yogurt melts are my seldom-used secret weapon since Penelope is Obsessed with them!)

As another part of Penelope's fundraiser, we had to purchase 10 bundt cakes, which have invaded our kitchen. Perfect timing for Easter, but man that's a lot of cake.

I plan to unload a few of them at my aunts house tomorrow and I also plan to make a corn dip. There is nothing better than cheesy dip, don't you think?

Penelope also starts her first music class tomorrow. She absolutely loves music of all kinds (even hymns in church) and shakes her tiny tush whenever it plays, so I think she's really going to love this class.

In other shopping news, I bought a spring coat. It's a Trina Turk royal blue jacket and I'm kind of obsessed with it. It also has this gorgeous lining and oversized gold buttons. I found it hiding on a side bar at Nordstrom Rack, and for $250 off the original price, I couldn't refuse. Also on that note, I need to stop spending money :/

Springtime always makes me long for a trip to Atlantic City. I hope we can make it happen this year too!

Lastly, I'm also obsessing over Dropbox. Do you guys use it? I'm probably very late to the party on this one, but a friend finally showed me the wonder of it all and I'm now Obsessed (with a capital O) and love having access to all of my files, no matter where I go!

I hope you have a great weekend, everyone!