What do you spend money on during the week?

Since I've made a concerted effort to bring my lunch 4 out of 5 days per week, I noticed a considerable uptick in the fullness of my wallet (and bank account). I've certainly gone through phases of buying lunch and that can add up to $10 (or usually more in NYC) a pop. Once I realized that I was easily spending a jaw-dropping $50/week on lunch alone, I got myself back in line.

Without that major daily expense, I realized that I don't really spend much money during the week. My one splurge?

Usually I spend on hot coffee, not iced, but this is the photo I had...this was a particular treat yesterday since it was super warm and amazing outside!


For a long while, I had even reined this expenditure in and would drink office coffee 4 of 5 days per week, allowing myself a glorious medium Dunkin Donuts hazelnut coffee on Fridays only.

Well, times have changed a little and now I find it really hard to resist my morning fix, especially since I walk right past it everyday on the way to work.

All told, I'm out about $11/week. Not exactly a drop in the bucket when you extrapolate over a month ($44) or a year ($572), but I'd happily forego a day of ordering in lunch per week to cover my weekly java fix.

Outside of that, there's not much to speak of. I have been tallying a serious online shopping habit as we begin to redecorate our apartment and occasionally I'll stop off after work to pick up a couple of dinner fixins or a bottle of wine if it's been a really trying day. And of course, I have daily commuting costs but since I purchase one 40-ride card at a time to ride the Path (totally just $1.90 per ride...less than my daily coffee!), it doesn't feel like a daily wallet-opening expense.

What about you? Do you find that you spend a lot of money during the week? Or do you save and splurge on the weekend?

I find that I spend a bit more on the weekends since we are often on the go and tend to order dinner in or pick up food while out and about!