Easter Recap

It already feels like oh so long ago, but we had such a lovely Easter weekend that I don't want to let it completely pass by without a recap.

We started the weekend on Good Friday with all of us at home for the day. Penelope's daycare was closed and Shaun and I were both off for the day. This worked out well since the sinus infection I'd been trying to fend off for the previous three days hit me in full force. It was nice to be home and taken care of for the day.

We were also home to receive our new headboard and media console, both of which I'll post updates on soon.

Friday evening we headed off to church for Good Friday services with Penelope in tow. Let's just say that a 14 month old + church = complete chaos.

We arrived home later than planned and tucked P straight into bed while we enjoyed a nice dinner and a few episodes of Justified.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for a busy day ahead. We started with Penelope's music class. Some of the parents in our building got together and brought in a Music Together class every Saturday.


This has been a superfun class for us to do with Penelope, albeit a bit pricey. She loves music and the chance to play with different instruments, her favorite being the maraca-like egg.

Right after class we went down to the car and headed out to Shaun's parents church (and the one he grew up going to) for an Easter egg hunt. There were almost 100 kids, plus story time and a sing-a-long. Though still so young, Penelope totally got into opening the Easter eggs and finding little treats inside. The eggs for her age group had stickers in them and Penelope's grandma and grandpa made some special eggs just for her with her favorite yogurt melts inside.


The church also had a photo booth and we of course partook in the fun.

After the hunt, we headed home for a little relaxation time. And Penelope found that the Easter bunny had made a stop at our house a little early for her!

I had bought a couple things for her over the last month and was saving them for Easter. Frozen and Tangled on DVD, two of her favorite touch and feel books, a mini gardening set and some more yogurt melt-filled eggs.

After snuggling up for family movie time with Frozen, we got ready and headed out to Brooklyn for pork shoulder fest at Kim and Nicks place.

Such a fun night of delicious food and friends, and Penelope walked around like she owned the place. Also, she ate a lot of hummus.


We called it an early night since we had such a long day and another one ahead. Penelope partied til she passed out.


On Easter Sunday, we headed back to church with Shaun's family for a lovely celebratory service.

Afterwards, we went back to their house for brunch, relaxing, and some outdoor time. Once again, Penelope got to do a little Easter egg hunt and stretch her legs in the sunshine.

It was really nice to be outdoors on a gorgeously sunny day after such a brutal winter.

 Afterwards, we took her to the park. Though she was so not down with the swings:

She totally adored her first few trips down the slide!


She jumped off, looked up at me and smiled. Then she tried to run right back to the ladder to go again. After playground time, we headed over to my parents for late lunch/early dinner. Linner.

We dined on a traditional Easter feast of spaghetti and meatballs, followed by lots of cakes and treats.

Penelope got after the dip yet again.


She's a girl after my own heart for sure.

It was such a long yet fun weekend and it was really tough going back to work that Monday! Loved having so much time with Sweet P and the whole family.

The only solace? Our girls weekend in Charleston coming up the very next week...

For more Easter fun, here's my recap on our first fEaster celebration!