What Are You Watching Lately?

For those of you asking about the cauliflower pizza recipe mentioned in yesterday's post, I've added links back in the original post, and also linking to the original recipe here. I edited this to be Dukan friendly (e.g., I used all fat free cheese, skipped the parmesean, added oregano, used plain tomato sauce with no sugar added, and topped mine with turkey pepperoni!)

As summer approaches, it seems as though there's simply nothing left on TV. I know that the wave of summer shows will hit soon, but for now we're in that in between time of season finales and summer premieres. With that in mind, here's what we are still watching as of late.


Game of Thrones.
Oh how I love this show. I think this season is its best yet. So much action, great storylines and I really just can't get enough. They left us hanging this week with no Memorial Day weekend episode and I am dying to find out how this trial by combat turns out. I haven't read the books, so I'm going into it completely blind...and I'm totally riveted. Peter Dinklage 4E.


An old favorite and great standby. We really got into the Tournament of the Decades which really renewed my love and desire to watch it every night. Since there's no way to watch it at 7 each night, we have a stockpile on the DVR...you know, for those romantic evenings on the couch...

We're still plotting along with this one, and every season, I just don't get tired of it...even when the storyline gets thin and I'm not entirely sure what's going on...I still can't get enough Raylan or Boyd...And there's never, ever enough screen time of the two of them together. The writing is phenomenal and we find ourselves laughing as much as cringing at the violence. We're in the throes of season 5 and I'm quite unsure as to what we'll do when that ends since we've had this series in the hopper for the last 8 months.

That's about it for tv viewing these days. Our time is always limited in the evenings anyway, but I'd love some suggestions for Netflix or Amazon Prime viewing...any suggestions?

I am also looking for suggestions for a series to watch on our annual Aruba trip, coming up in just 5 weeks! Last November, we started Justified and it was perfection. I'm tossing around the idea of Suits or White Collar. And aside from that, I'm looking for a series to watch on my own without Shaun (for those nights he is out or wants to watch something I dislike, like the Mets). That shortlist includes Scandal and Revenge.

Please share your viewing pleasure in the comments!