Friday Fun

It's Friday! Woop! This shortened week has flown by and when I started brainstorming topics for today's post, I couldn't believe it was Friday already. And Friday calls for some randomness. I mean, you don't want to read recipes or deep thoughts on Friday...amiright?

Apparently everyone in the tri-state area is super psyched because the Rangers won last night and I guess will go to the Stanley Cup finals. I thought the series before this last one was the finals, so clearly I don't know anything about hockey, other than it seems to go on forever and is really eating into my Justified time.


Last night Shaun and I just could not take another meat filled dinner and so I made this mustard roasted cod which turned out really great. I used a combo of Recipes from the Dukan cookbook as well as an old Ina recipe of yore. I'll share the recipe next week! I don't have the prettiest photos of it, but when you are sitting down to finally eat dinner on a Thursday night at 9PM and your stomach is eating itself, well, you work with what you have.

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback since writing about our Dukan journey and some of you are even joining in! I'm so happy! I really hope that it works for you and that you get through those first three days...those are the worst but just know that it does get so much easier and you won't always feel so miserable. Godspeed!

Oh! I also wanted to give you an update on my Tieks since a lot of you asked for updates on them. They have gotten a lot more comfy as I've worn them and broken them in. I can now wear them all day (walking about 1.5-2 miles per day) and keep them on at work and only when I arrive home at night are my feet starting to bother me. So all in all, what else can I ask for? I wouldn't even expect more out of sneakers honestly and these are way cuter. While I do like them, $175 is still $175 and so be sure you do some other research before taking the plunge. Meanwhile I'm saving up and dreaming of what color to get next...these, these and these are in the running.

I'm home solo tonight and so I'm excited to maybe possibly {finally!} watch the Veronica Mars movie!! If I can stay awake past penny's bedtime, I'm going to make it happen. Are any of you VM fans? My sisters and I were truly obsessed with this show and I still maintain that the first season is one of my all-time favorite seasons of television ever. LoVe!

And finally, this weekend Penelope and I are heading to my parents' house tomorrow after music class for the rest of the weekend since Shaun will be away. I can't wait to sit by the pool and maybe take P to the park. I also see some Dukan recipe testing in my mom's kitchen in my future...

I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

What are your weekend plans?

Are you a Veronica Mars fan?

What about hockey?