Toddler Taste: Pasta Florentine

Every weekend I face the same dilemma of what Penelope is going to eat for the week. I pack her a whole lotta food each day for daycare and I find that the more I can prep on Sunday, the better my week is. She spends about 9 hours a day there and so it's important that she is fully stocked with food and snacks.

I try to keep it a little interesting for her from week to week. Luckily she is a real foodie baby so far and eats almost anything that I give her. This weekend I came up with a new dish for her that couldn't be simpler: pasta florentine.


I cooked up a third of a box of elbow pasta and mixed it with a brick of chopped spinach (defrosted and drained), some reserved pasta water to help it all stick together and a healthy dose of Parmesean cheese to taste.


 A super simple dish that I know Penelope will love since it's incredibly flavorful {I sampled a lot of it, straight from the pot} from the cheese and she can use her little pincers to pick it up. And I feel comfy knowing that she is getting some healthy greens. Not to mention that I used all ingredients that I frequently have on hand to boot.

I made this on Sunday night and portioned it out into five lunch containers, keeping 3 in the fridge and tossing 2 in the freezer for later this week.

Next time I plan to add some chopped tomatoes for a little more brightness and healthy kick!

What are your tiny tots eating lately?