I Caved and Bought a Pair of Tieks

Yep, it's true.

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw me modeling these little cuties a couple of weeks ago.

In the Great Shoe Saga of 2014, I've been on the hunt for a versatile pair of super comfy shoes.

These shoes are a small fortune by my bank account standard, and so I did a ton of research before taking the plunge. I read lots of reviews, spoke to a few people first hand and after only glowing praise did I bite the bullet with a pair of pretty tangerine Tieks.

Also, can we talk about how adorable these are? I often obsess over which color(s) I'd get next (I love the chestnut, ballerina pink and diamond white croc). Each pair has the signature Tiek blue sole and to make your high heeled life even better, they fold up into a tiny pouch for easy transport. And they come in this adorable packaging:

I'm a marketing person and so I'm totally sucked in by beautiful packaging. My iPhone photo does not do it justice.

For such an expense I know it's crazy to go with a wild color like tangerine, but I wanted a color that would pop and complement many of my clothes. I wear a lot of neutrals (blacks and grays mostly) and when I branch out with color I often lean toward blues, purples and greens. And so for me, the tangerine was a perfect choice to complement all of those options.

Tieks supposedly mold to your feet and are made of super soft and lux Italian leather which I love. In the comfort department, I like them...but can't say they are 'the one' to make all of my foot issues disappear. I can wear them for a long period of time and did ok in my mile long walk to work...not to mention a haunted jail tour in Charleston.

For me, the culprit of discomfort lies in the upper elastic area the cuts just below my big toe and into my foot bone. I often have issues with this so I'm not sure that my experience would apply to all. But I do find that after wearing them for an extended period of time, that bone feels tender and amplified...and dare I say, dangerously close to pre-bunion proportions. The elastic upper is super soft and stretchy so on the surface it's not uncomfy...I think it's just the way the shape of the upper is cut, if that makes sense.

The jury is still out on whether or not these are worth the price tag...but in the meantime, I'll continue to break them in and daydream of other gorgeously colored Tieks...

Do you have a go to pair of shoes, or are you continuously on the hunt like me?

Do you own a pair of Tieks? How do you like them? And whether you do or don't, what color(s) do you love?


PS - This post isn't sponsored nor am I being paid or perked to write about them. Just a day in the life...