How Was Your Weekend?

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We had a gorgeous weekend around Jersey City. For the first time in months, we stayed close to home and it was such a needed break to have limited committments for a couple of days.

On Friday, my office closed early and I had a welcome afternoon to do some wandering and shopping in SoHo, before meeting up with Shaun to pick Penelope up from her last day of daycare. My first stop was Warby Parker. I have a ton of FSA money lingering that needs to be used, and so a few new pairs of glasses were on the menu.

I ended up with 2 pairs of eyeglasses and 1 pair of prescription sunglasses. Now the question...will they arrive in time for my trip to Aruba?! We will see. 

I also wandered over to David Z to look at sandals. I was still in need of a casual sandal for summer and have been eyeing up Birkenstocks for a number of weeks now. I never, ever liked the look of Birkenstocks, however, now that they are back in style, there was something about them that I really loved. Perhaps it's that now I'm a Mom and only want super comfy footwear, regardless of what it looks like? 

But in all seriousness, I really LOVE these sandals (looks like Nordstrom is out of the white, but all of the other colors are so pretty too!). They are so cute. I love that the white upper makes them a bit more fem and since they are faux leather, they are super easy to clean. The bottoms are still in the molding-to-my-feet stage, and so they haven't reached maximum comfort yet, but I know it's on the horizon. Overall, I'm a fan and I know they will be great eveningwear for our upcoming Aruba trip.

I guess it was the weekend of spending money, because I also picked up a water table for my sweet P. 

Do you think she likes it? I had been eyeing them up for a few weeks, and when I realized we'd actually have time at home this weekend, I knew I had to get one. On Sunday, she spent most of the afternoon in her bathing suit, splashing around. This was actually taken post-bathing suit, when she proceeded to get soaked yet again in there. I know that this will be an awesome addition for her over the next bunch of weeks while daycare is closed. Now she can splash and play on our for P and easy for Mom, Dad & Grandmas.

We had a great Sunday afternoon barbecuing with friends and it was SO hard to get back to work this week. Luckily it's a short week and then it's off to vacation!

How was your weekend?