Enjoying Jersey City

{some of the best cupcakes around: Molly's and Sprinkles}

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes yesterday! I had a nice day, filled with lots {and lots} of eating, from bagels to Thai food to many delicious cupcakes from both Molly's and Sprinkles...today I'm still feeling full and ready to get back into the swing of real life. Sort of.

{view of Jersey City from my office}

I feel like so many of my blog posts are riddled with tales of how we are constantly on the go and how we're never home and how we are always exhausted from running around all over the place. Though I've been doing a bit of traveling lately (New Hampshire, Las Vegas, camping, Aruba), Shaun and I have decided that we really want to make an effort to enjoy the fruits of Jersey City when possible. On free weekend days, instead of heading out of dodge, we are trying to find things to do around Jersey City, from splash parks and swings to food fests and fireworks. I made a list of all the things on my radar over the coming months in Jersey City and I hope we get to do some (or all!) of them!

Jersey City Summer Bucket List:

Take Penelope to the Newport Green splash park (we've already gone a couple of times and she LOVES it! Can't wait to go again this weekend!)

{thigh rolls!}


Take Penelope on the carousel at Newport Green

Visit Milk Sugar Love, the lovely new organic ice cream shop at Hamilton Park

Attend Jersey City Project Eats, next weekend at City Hall

Check out La Festa Italiana, an Italian festival downtown

Walk around the 6th Borough Market & see the local vendors

Possibly hit up Liberty Science Center? Not sure if P is really old enough for this yet, but might be fun to give it a try!

Visit the Hamilton Park BBQ Festival in September


Just looking at this list is making me so excited for the coming weeks and to spend time doing fun things in our own town! 

Do you have any fun summer bucket list things coming up? 

Do you take advantage of local happenings in your town or those surrounding you?