What Are Your Favorite Apps? Here are 5 Apps I'm Loving Lately

Sometimes I feel really old.

Some of my favorite co-worker friends are young people, just a couple of years out of college. We have summer interns who are just barely 21. I am 32, which doesn't seem so old to me but when they start talking about darties and Bonnaroo and all of the technology that I had never even heard of...well I feel old.


While I may feel out of the loop, I'm happy to have daily access to such people who can clue me in on FoMO (though, as a long-time sufferer, I actually already knew about that one), why I should be using Dropbox for my entire life and what the newest and coolest apps are these days.

I adore my iPhone but I don't really use many apps. The standard social media and music apps, and basic camera function are about it. But lately I've been trying to up my game with some other things.


DD Perks
As you know I get my Dunkin Donuts coffee fix daily and the app is fun because it makes payment simpler as you accrue coupons and rewards points. Oh and a free beverage just for registering didn't hurt either.


This is almost like a simplified PayPal situation. You can connect your bank account and transfer money to friends, receive money from friends, and cash out directly into your bank account. We've found this to be especially helpful in the office when ordering lunch and everyone is scrambling to get cash or to have exact change. Just Venmo it on over!



I'm sure you already use this one, and to use on your mobile, it's $9.99/month. Not a drop in the bucket, in my opinion and I'm not sure that I even use it enough to warrant keeping it. It's great for the car, but when I find that I haven't driven in quite some time, then I'm not sure it's really worth it. 



At the behest of my friend and colleague, Jen, I began using Dropbox and never looked back. I usually plug my phone into my computer and it automatically updates any new photos, etc., from there, however, you can also use the app to upload your stuff right from your phone, or - even better - access photos and/or data that is no longer stored on your phone. I have severe phone storage problems and have anxiety deleting anything, so this is super comforting to know that I can still access any photo via my Dropbox app.


What's App

Ok so I haven't actually used this yet, but I have it downloaded and set up. This app allows you to text from anywhere to other What's App users, even internationally...for FREE! I don't have a pulse check on this yet, but I loved having it in Aruba just in case there was a work emergency (hey I'm not saving lives or anything at my job, but you never know...).


So those are the apps I'm digging as of late, and I'm on the hunt for some new ones!

What are your favorite apps? Anything new and cool, or just plain convenient, that I should be using?