Summer Lovin'


Somehow we are on the edge of August and while the summer is flying by, I feel as though I've done so much and enjoyed so many things already. Here are a few things that I'm totally digging this summer!


Cards Against Humanity: A fun and wildly inappropriate party game that is impossible not to laugh at, even for the game-haters.


Wilfred: It's the final season. We were late to join watching this show, but we really love when new episodes fill our DVR in an otherwise unfulfilling summer TV schedule. Man sees his neighbor's dog as a human dressed in a dog costume. They become fast friends and hilarity ensues. It really pushes the envelope and has us in hysterics, yet it does include some dark undertones around death, mental illness and family relationships.


Sophie No Sugar Added Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt: Upside: A favorite and staple of late on the Dukan diet! It has no added sugar and no fat, so it's a great and delicious snack while doing the Dukan. Downside: it's expensive and hard to find, though Fresh Direct is now carrying it.


Tunnel Vision New York/New Jersey Mug: LOVE this mug that I got at a local shop in Jersey City. Perfect for us Jerseyans who still hold a special place our hearts for New York! One side is Jerz, the other is NY.


Birkenstocks: I really adore having these this summer! So easy and comfy to wear and I think they look great with just about every outfit I've worn them with...from shorts to cropped work pants. The white upper gives them a little edge and femininity and I'm so happy I took the plunge with these.


Warby Parker Ainsworth Eyewear in Elderberry: I got new glasses! These and these. I'm obsessed. They are so cute and make me actually want to wear glasses! I love the purple and green because they are a little funky without being too over the top. I feel very fashionable in them ;)


This is Where I Leave You: Just blew right through this book. So dark and depressing yet dotted with hilarity, it's really a perfect mix for me. With a movie coming out in September, I just can't get Timothy Olyphant (also of Justified-obsession) or Jason Bateman out of my head.


What are you loving lately?