Dukan Meal Plan: Attack Phase or PP Days

Though I know I've been frustrated with the Dukan Diet lately, I'm certainly not giving it up. I might be so over eating meat all.the.time., but at the end of the day (or I should say in the early morning when I weigh myself), I continue to lose when I stick with it...and noticeably gain when I don't. And since I like fitting into my clothes more than not, I'm sticking with it as best I can.

One of the key things I've learned about this diet and lifestyle change is that I need to meal plan. When I leave it up to spur of the moment decisions, well, I often don't make the best decisions. Like an Eagle Scout, it's best to always be prepared. The next key learning on the list is to be creative! That is also the only way it doesn't feel like deprivation or straight boredom.

So for myself and for you other Dukaners out there, I'm going to do a series of meal plan ideas. And even if you aren't on Dukan, well hopefully you will find some other foodspiration from it.

I think the hardest days on Dukan are the Attack Phase days, or Pure Protein (PP). Below I've created a 3 day Attack Phase plan, which can also be used for any PP days! Most of these are staples in our house and we eat some variation of these plans at least once a week. The best part about Dukan is that you can eat as much as you want of the approved foods, so if the below isn't enough, then go ahead and add some more! I hope you find this helpful!




The Day 1 plan is really the most typical day for Shaun and me. I almost always eat string cheese and cottage cheese as my snacks, and most often, grilled chicken and/or chicken sausages grace my lunch plate!

Shaun absolutely loves this mustard roasted fish (and please forgive my badly lit photos...). It's so easy too! Perfect for quick weeknight dinners. And once you're in the PV (Protein/Vegetable) phase, a side of veggies makes it even better.



I typically save my pancake for dessert at night. It's like the final, sweet food that my body needs to go to bed satisfied. Shaun, however, doesn't care for the sweet version and prefers a more savory style.

I created this one for him to bring to work for lunchtime, and I think it keeps him more satisfied than solely protein. The savory pancake is also a great vehicle for smoke salmon and fat free cream cheese...like a healthy blini!


Steak is definitely a 'treat' for us, but makes the whole meal feel so special. I certainly never feel deprived when I have steak for dinner! Diet, who?

So that's my 3 day Attack Phase/PP Day plan. What do you think? Could you live on that? What additions or edits would you make to these meal ideas?