What up, Friday?

{pudding shots}

Happy Friday, my friends! I'm so so thrillled that the weekend is upon us. This week has been long, stressful and kind of annoying, honestly. I can't remember a time when I was so ready for the weekend to arrive! We have a couple of barbecues on the menu for the weekend and are hoping to make a stop by the Jersey City 6th Borough Market on Sunday. Meanwhile, here are a few things that I loved this week! I hope you share some of yours and that you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

{buffalo wings fresh off the grill + caprese skewers}

I'm so loving summer food. Though I'm feeling a bit eh on Dukan these days, I don't think I'll ever tire of fresh vegetables and herbs, grillables or our favorite corn on the cob. I'm looking forward to enjoying more of these things this weekend!

{lemon iced tea}

Yeah...I don't know. I really had a hankering for a refreshing, cool beverage and so I picked one up. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm typically more of a soda or coffee person than other soft drinks, but something about the summer just made me want iced tea I guess!

{this lil' diva}

Someone got her 18 month immunizations this week and Mom tried to do her a solid with a trip to Milk Sugar Love after. P enjoyed her ice cream (lemon olive oil flavor! omg.) for a few seconds until Mom tried to have a bite. She was then done with said ice cream. Sigh.

{Orange is the New Black, season 1}

Shaun and I just started watching this on Netflix this week and I don't think I'm being too bold when I say that we are LOVING it! Fun yet disturbing, I'm fairly certain we will fly through this in a very short time...just in time for fall shows to come back!

So that's what's happening up in here on this Friday. What are you loving this week? What are your weekend plans? Tell me all of the things!