Five Things Friday


{scrambled eggs w/feta, mushrooms + chives makes Saturday breakfast at home feel extra decadent}


Well, this week really felt like we are full swing into Fall. The weather has been crisp and lovely and I've happily been breaking in my new leather jacket {one that I've been searching for for a very long time}. We've been sleeping with the windows open and I just love that cool air coming in while snuggled under a warm blanket. It's my favorite season, indeed. I went out one evening this week for a new book club with a great group of gals and it was refreshing to have a girls night out. I only knew one person out of 8, but it was so fun to have drinks, munch on chips & guac and get to know some new friends. This weekend, we have a birthday party and Penelope's music class starts up again. Outside of that, I'm really looking forward to Saturday morning snuggles and getting on top of some outstanding administrative items at home. I hope you all have a truly fantastic weekend!


{an amazing seafood tower + dinner with great friends that last 4+ hours}


{outdoor mall in Rehoboth that reminds me of a certain someone}


{Shaun's masterpiece from our Lewes weekend; the decadent bacon explosion}


{the jury's still out on emily giffin's latest, which I started reading earlier this week}



This slow cooker honey soy chicken looks like a perfect addition to my weekday repetoire

Also, this brown sugar balsamic glazed pork tenderloin. Yes please.

Clearly I'm having a love affair with my crock pot; this corn jalapeno dip needs to happen

These sweet sugar cookie pumpkins would be adorable for our building's Halloween kids party next month

And since P can't get enough freeze dried fruit, I think these pear & apple chips would be an instant hit


When life imitates art; OITNB writer divorces her husband to date Poussey

I'm not sure why Robin Thicke admitting he didn't write Blurred Lines is a story...Pharrell has said this from the get-go.

The Central Perk pop-up shop is open for business!

Here are some Arrested Development quotes that you should be using in everyday life. And that's why you always leave a note.

How Sesame Street stays relevant after 45 years on the job


I'm definitely consulting this list of 10 things to buy for fall as I do a full closet cleanse in the coming weeks

It's come to light that Steve Jobs didn't allow his kids unlimited iPad access

This 72-hour emergency kit made me realize how unprepared we are, should Superstorm Sandy 2.0 strike

A great read: 15 career tips from smart women

A poignant look at abuse relating to everything happening in the NFL right now; this article had me in tears