Five Things Friday

{Path woes led me to a cool new coffee spot}


It's Friday yet again. My week has gotten significantly better since earlier this week. I'm battling some really lame fall allergies but I'm excited to usher in the weekend with a quiet day at work (thanks to the Jewish holiday!) and a low key weekend ahead. Not to mention the Giants are now boasting 2-2! Tomorrow we are visiting friends and their new baby, while Sunday we have music class and my brother-in-law's birthday. I'm excited to get in the kitchen and perhaps...bake something again? After my cookie butter bars of last weekend, I'm really anxious and excited to get creative with apples (hopefully!). I always love apple desserts and so I wait all year long for the season to arrive. I hope you all have a super weekend!


{peanut bowl midday snack}


{brown boot love; my new sam edelman's are getting some good face time}



{latest book club pick; the original true crime book + a super scary pick for October}


{living legend derek jeter says peace out to yankee stadium in style; source}




These 5 ways to make sandwiches more fun makes me wish that I still ate sandwiches

No-bake caramel apple cookie dough bars will NEED to happen this fall

A great way to change up a classic: buffalo chicken & bean chili ; minus the beans, this is Dukan-approved!

Spiked pistaschio cupcake milkshakes. Yes please.

Fudgy pumpkin bars with vanilla bean browned butter glaze. Um...whaaaaat?!


Colin Farrell & Vince Vaughn were announced as the leads in True Detective Season 2. I'm lukewarm on this, however, I was also lukewarm on Matthew McConaughey until TD made him a star {in my eyes}

The New York Times responds to calling Shonda Rimes an 'angry black woman'. Here's the article in question. How about we just write an article about how much Shonda Rimes rocks, and not in a snarky, underhanded complimentary way? Seems to me like whatever she touches turns to gold. Girl power!

Meanwhile, How to Get Away With Murder (Ms. Rimes' latest) is receiving glowing reviews.

Monica Potter talks about the final season of Parenthood {we love you Christina!} 

Lena Dunham's book arrives next week and the NYT is talking about it. Will you read it? I probably will.




My policy on spoiler posting or sharing: immediately unfriended on first offense. #ruthless

These 25 ideas to decorate your walls; I really need this inspiration for my home! I especially love the colorful gallery wall

Do you suffer from any of these 5 skincare mistakes? I'm a rabid stomach sleeper!

Emma Watson rules the world

Derek Jeter says goodbye to Yankee Stadium; and here's that commercial that everyone is talking about



What are you digging this week?