I Forgot About Make Up

In Rachel's Life B.C.,* I used to love make up. Like looooooove it. My sisters, Catherine and I would compare our latest purchases and even record YouTube videos for each other showcasing our latest hauls.

I was never a huge wearer of make up on my face, save for some BB Cream and blush, but my eyes and lips were where I really loved to play. I own so many make up palettes, lots of single eye shadows, tons of eye liners and just found a new mascara that I love. 

In my life A.D.,** I have kind of forgot about make up. I feel like I never have the appropriate time to get dolled up and kind of wonder why I should bother. I forgot why I used to love it so much. My make up routine over the last months (ok, over a year) has been diminished to a few swipes of mascara and maybe a bold lipstick if I'm feeling in the mood. I can usually get away with this in the summer when I'm tan and pleasantly freckled. In my make up avoidance period over the last year or so, I even considered throwing out a lot of my make up because it's really just taking up space.

Then, last week, I was feeling really not so great about my appearance. My eyes are puffy {due to normal Mom-lack-of-sleep coupled with those fall allergies that like to keep me on my toes}, my tan is fading and I just feel...under done. So I decided to throw on a little eye shadow. And then some eye liner. And then some under eye liner. And a little blush.

And then I couldn't help but remember why I loved make up in the first place. I looked better. I felt better. I felt more put together, like a woman ready to take on the world. 

I also remembered that I still love my Naked palette. It's the end all, be all of eye shadow for me, my only complaint being that there isn't a great highlight color for under my brow. I also have the Urban Decay palette pictured at the top and adore that one too. I'm excited to rekindle my love for make up and to replenish my collection. I think that my basket of make up could use an overhaul!

I'm not saying that make up is the answer to all of life's problems, but for me? It certainly helps. And on Tuesday when I had that day that I hated? At least I looked good doing it.

Do you wear make up every day? What are your favorite products? What will you not leave the house without wearing?


*Before Children

**After Daughter


PS - Thanks for all of your comments on yesterday's post! It felt good to get it all out there and I really felt the support! I'm happy to report that Wednesday was a much better day ;)