8 Reasons I'm Ready to Say Sayonara to Summer


Though it's never felt more summery than it has this week (90 degree temps! sunshine! sweat!) and the summer doesn't technically end for a few more weeks, I know that so many people are lamenting the end of summertime. There's just something about summer, isn't there? It's as though time stops and life stands still if only to enjoy an evening glass of wine at sunset or to chase down the local ice cream truck. These simple delights are what make summer so desirable. And while I'll miss those days of wine and water tables, there are lots of things that I won't miss about the summer. So I'm going to focus on that.

1. For to stop all the sweating. Or at least do a little less sweating.

It's no secret that I am irritable in the heat. I sweat. A lot. It's uncomfortable. I could go on and on but I'll spare you. Let's just say that I'm psyched to hopefully not be sweated through my undergarments and clothing before I arrive at the office in the morning.

2. I can finally get a hair cut

I've been letting my hair grow for quite some time. I debated a really short hair cut in the early summer days, but decided to keep letting it grow so that it could easily be worn wet and curly or pulled into a ponytail.

3. I can put away those summer prints.

Look. I love pretty dresses, bright colors and bold summer prints as much as the next girl. I really do. But there comes a time when I just want to wear pants. And 90 degree heat is not that time.

4. The open-toed shoes can cease to exist for a while.

I'm a working Mom. Pedicures are pretty much the very last thing on my to-do list. I could go for a reprieve on having to show my tootsies.


5. I'm on the verge of a cheeseburger & hot dog overload and it ain't pretty.

We have grilled so much this summer and it's so appealing to just drop a few things on the grill on these warm summer nights when the desire to keep my kitchen clean beats my desire for dinner variety. It's a Dukan-er's dream, but I think I've had my fill for the season (though I will miss that sweet Jersey corn).

6. I'm tired of wearing sunscreen. And applying a virtual sunscreen paste to Penelope whenever we are outdoors.

I always wear SPF on my face...but I'm really over sunscreening my entire bod. And even more over the crazy Mom anxiety that my child is going to get scorched on a potential tiny square of skin that I missed with said sunscreen paste. Give a Mom a break.



7. I miss my fall TV shows!

We really didn't find a great summer show this year. We watched plenty of Justified and Orange is the New Black, but no truly awesome, new Sunday summer show. All of the TV will start in the coming weeks and I cannot wait! My beloved SOA returns on 9/9!


8. The return of red wine.

I find it really tough to enjoy red wine on a hot summer day. This summer, I've taken a liking to chilled rose, but nothing compares to a truly great glass of room temp Malbec in my opinion.


So that's why I'm ready for the fall to descend upon us. It's been real, Summer, but I'll see ya next year!