When is it time to take the bottle away?

In August, Penelope had her 18 month check up. Among autism screenings and a lengthy dialogue regarding Penelope's vocabulary {we really need to build that up by her 24 month appointment!}, I slipped in the question about bottles and pacifiers. I have a strong willed daughter who is adamant about both, something that doesn't concern me, I was just curious to get her stance.

The doctor told me to 'just take them away, cold turkey'. It will just get harder as she's older. Kids need to move on to the next stage. She is getting big for a bottle.

Is that true? At 18 months, and now as we approach the 20 month mark in a couple of days, Penelope is somewhere between a baby and a big girl. She wants to run with the big kids down the hall at school. She wants to climb things and discover things on her own without our lead or our help.

But, she is still a baby. She over exerts herself and gets tired quickly, which spirals into crying fits and tantrums. She still finds comfort in our evening snuggles on the couch, with a bottle in her mouth and a pacifier in her hand. When she is worked up and running around like a maniac, there is nothing sweeter than her finding calm and solace in a bottle. Her face lights up when the microwave dings signaling it's ready. She rests on the couch and guzzles it down so excitedly while we watch yet another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Maybe I'm crazy but I'm not ready to give these things up. Maybe that makes me a bad mom? One who is stuck on her baby staying a baby? Or maybe we are trying to make our babies grow up too fast, a product of our generation and the movement toward getting to the next thing or stage quickly and efficiently.

But maybe...Maybe babies should be babies while they can be.

Look I'm not trying to be the mom whose child is still in diapers and taking a pacifier at 5 years old. But at the same time, what's the rush? It's not like she isn't developing. She's a happy, very smart little girl {perhaps a little too smart for my liking} who listens, cooperates and is interested in anything and everything she sees. So is a bottle at bedtime or a pacifier at naptime the worst thing?

I hope not.

I held onto my pacifier until I was 3 and had to be bribed with a swing set to get rid of it. I turned out ok. And I have perfectly straight teeth to show for it.

I plan to start weaning her off of these things after her second birthday...but we will see how that goes! I might be back here in four months saying that I need another four...

So what do you think? When did you or when do you plan to wean your bean off the bottle and/or pacifier?

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