One More Trip

Tonight we are leaving for our annual trip to Lewes, Delaware, and our final trip for not only the summer, but likely the rest of the year. Though Labor Day traditionally signifies the end of summer, we always head down to Lewes the following weekend and so, to me, this weekend will truly be summer's end. We've done a lot of traveling this summer, but this is really one of my favorite trips. It's just a car ride away, clocking in at 3.5 hours, and my hope is that Penelope will sleep most of the way while Shaun and I indulge in car snacks and enjoy hours of music.

Tomorrow, we'll wake up bright and early, food shop, enjoy the bay and await the rest of the group's arrival. We have a few other things on the menu for this weekend (like seafood, sunsets, breweries and boardwalks) but mostly, I'm excited to spend a few days with my little family and friends.

I'll be posting Five Things tomorrow, so I hope you come on back for that! Have a great Thursday!