The Limited Haul

I feel as though I'm always working on my wardrobe. Always trying to find the balance of professional, young, fresh, semi-fashionable and comfortable...putting my best, flattering foot forward but without the binding clothing that causes discomfort. One of my biggest issues always seems to be tops and blouses for work or for an elevated weekend look.

I always love The Limited for their simple classic styles, totally reasonable prices and ease of mixing and matching. This weekend I went a little nuts with a wardrobe makeover utilizing a Christmas gift card from my parents. Shopping was made even more fun because my mom and sisters came also! Of course, Kimberly, Christine and I ended up with a lot (if not all) of the same styles, but that's how our joint shopping trips usually go!

Here's what I ended up with:

Scallop hem top (in both light pink & silver) 

Glossy front hi-lo top (in navy)

Leopard print blouse (in red snake)

Dolman sleeve sweater (in both silver & camel; which seems to be sold out)

Printed exact stretch ankle trouser pants (in red & black polka dot)

Short faceted gemstone necklace (in blue)

It felt great starting the week with lots of new options that I felt great wearing! It seems like a lot (and it is!) but with their huge sale happening plus virtual dollars that my mom had, I got this entire haul for $226. Add in a gift card and the end cost was significantly less. But even for $226, I thought this was totally reasonable for 4 blouses, 2 sweaters, 1 pair of trousers and 1 gemstone necklace. That averages out to less than $30 per item!

Oh and while were on the topic of the Limited, I should also note my other favorite Limited item: the Ashton blouse. I didn't get any this time, but I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I own 6 of the long sleeve styles and 3 of the sleeveless (I've been collecting them over the last bunch of seasons)...they make any outfit look super adorable, chic and simple to wear. These blouses barely wrinkle, hang just right and can be worn so many different ways. I highly recommend!

So that's what you'll find me wearing over the next few months until Springtime arrives!


What are your favorite places to shop?

Do you buy the same item in multiple colors once you find something you love? (I always do!)

Have you had any good hauls lately?


psst...I wasn't paid, perked, or discounted for this blog post. I actually do shop at The Limited for a lot of my clothing and paid for all of this with my very own $$$.