Five Things Friday


{A new coffee shop find; perfect pitstop for mom and dad on the way to the park}


Happy Friday!

Don't you just love shortened weeks? This one really flew by and I'm not complaining. A violent stomach bug has been running rampant and while Penelope and I have managed to escape it this far, Shaun was not so lucky. I spent a few nights this week resuming my Scandal obsession and am about half way through season 3. This weekend, we are expecting a bit of snow, we have a birthday party to attend and I have some writing projects to hunker down on. Aside from that, I'm planning to relax, get some things done around the house and hopefully squeeze in a bit more Scandal and last night's Parenthood. I hope you all have a great weekend!

{best chicken wings made by my cousin}


{the final season of Justified is here! Boyd 4E.}


{a new and much needed haircut}


{apparently this is a thing; i love valentine's day goodies!}



if you are a serial amazon shopper like me, here are some shopping tips!

these broccoli meatballs look amaze-balls

so sad justified is ending, but here's why

one of my favorite comediennes and one who is totally underrated

55 things this future dad wants his future daughter to know

love these 9 things very successful people never do

can't wait to try these ginger coconut whipped sweet potatoes or these berry crunch french toast cups

i can't get these blood orange curd bars out of my head

and...i think i have all the supplies at home for this better than anything cake

love these oscar noms made into lego posters

these 6 truths about motherhood. yes.

how your co-workers know more about you than your friends. #truestory and i love my co-workers!

and finally...the best peter prentice moments (from the mindy project...peter is my favorite!)