TBT: 2 Years Ago Nostalgia

Monday marks Penelope's 2nd birthday. I have such nostalgia this time of year for 2 years ago when I was awaiting her arrival. Couped up in my apartment while Shaun drove to work every morning, I had set up a back pillow and towel on the couch and enjoyed my last days of alone time. I took short walks in the mornings for a decaf coffee at Dunkin and a little treat, often a brownie batter donut, afraid to venture too far away from home should I unexpectedly go into fierce and quick labor. I worked from home and answered daily texts from friends, family and co-workers, asking if I thought maybe today would be the day? I joyfully gave my symptoms of the day and wondered the same myself.  It all feels like a lifetime ago, yet I remember it like yesterday.

For today's Throwback Thursday I thought it would be fun to link back to some of the posts leading up to Penelope's birth day, and her actually birth story.


My due date + final nursery reveal

Penelope's birth story i/ii/iii

These citrus loaf cakes that I made to freeze before her arrival

Evidence of my crazy nesting

What I packed in my hospital bag

What I packed in baby's hospital bag


We decided not to have a big party for her birthday this year (we did that for her 1st birthday last year) and instead will have a small dinner and birthday cake with our parents and siblings this weekend. We are also planning a Frozen movie viewing with a few of the kids in our building, but that's about it.

It's crazy how fast time flies and I keep trying to pinpoint when Penelope began becoming more of a little girl than of a little baby. I feel so lucky and my heart overflows with love for this little girl. I never knew how much I'd love being a Mom until she came along. And so for the next few days, I can't wait to celebrate my sweet little P and shed a few happy tears for the light she's brought to my life.

Happy Throwback Thursday!