How do you organize your photos?

You guys, this is a big issue that plagues me daily. After all of the blogging I've done, after the thousands and thousands of photos I've taken, not just for the blog but for life (!), I've yet to come up with a way to organize my photos that feels right, easy and accessible. I'm on the hunt for some ideas for this, so please share them with me and I swear, my life will be more complete.

Here's my current process:

1. Dropbox. This was a real game changer for me. After an external hard drive crash that resulted in the loss of a lot of photos (including some major family vacation pics :\), I decided to give Dropbox a whirl. I love it so much. I love that I can access it anywhere, and that my iPhone photos upload directly to my Dropbox when plugged in. This is where I house a lot of my photos...but I don't have a real organization process...yet.

2. iPhoto. I don't love this honestly. I find it to be cumbersome, I can't edit my photos as easily as I want to and I find it confusing to label things in Albums, when that's not actually where the original file is housed. Or is it? If I'm using my DSLR, I'll upload those photos through iPhoto and then export into Dropbox. Any iPhoto lovers out there? What am I not getting about this?

3. Flash drives. Before I discovered Dropbox, I began saving all of my photos and files on small flash drives and then putting each one into an envelope with labels on the outside of what is in each. I like this system a lot but now I'm considering also adding these photos back to my Dropbox so that I truly have everything in one place.

4. My plan going forward is to make yearbooks. So each year, I'll do a family yearbook photobook so that the key photos from each year will be printed and displayed on a shelf in our home, rather than just floating along in cyberspace. I need to start my 2014 book, but honestly I just feel daunted by it.

So that's how I keep track of photos currently. Any tips or tricks to share with me? How do you organize all of your photos to ensure maximum ease of use as well as secure back up?