WIAW: Being a Normal Human

Heyooo! I'm so happy that it's Wednesday, yet all day yesterday I kept thinking it was Wednesday so...I don't know what that means. The week seems to be going slow, but trying to just ride it out and enjoy!

I did remember to take some daily eats pics earlier this week, so I'm excited to do a What I Ate Wednesday today (thanks Jen @ Peas & Crayons for keeping this going!)! I'm kind of in this weird place right now where I want to lose a little bloat/weight, but I really can't get excited about something super strict, like Dukan. Instead I'm going to try this new thing called 'eating like a normal human.'

We'll see how that one goes. Here's my eats from yesterday!

oat bran + splash of milk + sweetener + sliced banana; coffee (obviously)

Around mid morning, I was feeling hungry but really wanted to wait until lunchtime to eat, so I made a piping hot cup of English breakfast tea. Works every time.


Lunch today consisted of a lot of chicken that I prepped on Sunday:

chicken soup with carrots, celery + rice in bone broth {that I made and froze last month}


grilled chicken salad + olives + goat cheese crumbles + balsamic vinegar


After lunch I didn't quite feel full (I know, but that's how much I've been eating lately!) so I had a diet iced tea to quell me until about 3:30 or 4, my usual snack time. I always try my best to push it until 4 since I work until 6, and don't end up eating dinner until about 8:30, but today I was extra hungry!

So at 3:30:

unsweetened applesauce + cinnamon; a once upon a time fave that I cut out and recently brought back!


a light babybel cheese; this is a daily staple


and since I was still craving something around 4, I found these tiny chocolates lying around at the office, so I went ahead and had 2 of those.

Dinner was extra late because Penelope was up later than usual (which I was ok with!). Shaun prepped while I had my P time. We ended up not sitting down to dinner until about 8:50!

roasted pork chop + parmesean potato wedges

I usually wouldn't eat potatoes on a Monday and would instead go for roasted veggies, however, we had a bag of them left from a while ago that we wanted to use up. So we did.

Since dinner was so late, I went to bed without a dessert, which is highly abnormal of me. I also didn't have any 'light' desserts around, so I was ok with just skipping it --->a very rare occurence for me!

So that's my eats from Monday this week!

What have you been eating lately? What are your 'staple' foods?


PS: Christine's eats.