How Life Has Changed Since Becoming a Mom

I have lots of ideas for Baby Talk Tuesday swirling around as I know a lot of you enjoy this weekly post. What I would really love, though, is for you to let me know if there are any topics you want to see here! Please comment or send me a note with any thoughts :)

Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the ways that my life has changed since becoming a Mom. I keep reading articles about why being a Mom is hard, why being a Mom is the best ever. I think it's both of these things. And once I started writing down all the ways life has changed since becoming a Mom, I realized that there are an infinite amount of them, both big a small. Here are some that I came up with for now. And maybe this will be a series as I think of more. I hope you'll join in with some of your funny and not-so-funny stories!

Here we go:

Almost daily I have one of the following songs in my head: Sofia the First theme song, the Hot Dog song or the opening credits to the 7D.

Extreme heat or extreme cold goes mostly unnoticed. 14 degree temps? Didn't notice. 100 degrees plus humidity & I'm getting a raging sunburn complete with thick tan lines? Can't hold me down, as long as Penelope is either totally bundled from head to toe & sweating underneath OR coated in a thick layer of baby sunscreen with complete shade coverage.

I am more accepting of chaos.

I've eaten someone else's ABC food. {--->already been chewed}

Taking a shower in which I get to fully wash hair and shave underarms feels downright luxurious. Shaving legs and/or blow drying my hair are a bonus.

Also, I've gone a couple days between showers --->maybe more.

My fingernails are almost never polished anymore --->I used to be obsessed with this.

Favorite activities now consist of: family movie night of eating popcorn and watching Kung Fu Panda {or other equally adorable animated feature} with P OR a morning of family time at the park (my absolutely favorite).

I could easily share the same nightly bedtime as a 2 year old.

There will never be an iPhone large enough to store all of the photos of my child.

In front of other people, I say things like: Did you do poo poo? No? Just peeps? And talk about toilet training like it's normal dinner conversation.

Silence is golden.

I brush someone else's teeth for them.

I've used the bathroom with the door wide open with other people in the house.

I make up songs for just about every chore or task that needs to be completed with a toddler in tow.

I no longer enjoy morning television. Instead I choose to cherish the silence of a dark, sleepy house.

I no longer watch or read the news. Because why?

I no longer go to happy hour at a bar; instead it's at my kitchen island immediately after work.

I no longer am affected by boogers, sticky hands, open mouthed drooly kisses or diaper blow outs (of the newborn, infant or toddler variety).


What are some of the ways that your daily life has changed since becoming a parent? Let's dish on the good, the bad and the gross!