What I Ate: All About That Burger

Week 2 of tracking my eats! I actually remembered to take photos yesterday so I'm excited to share them and join What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn @ Peas & Crayons! After talking with my sister Christine and hearing about her new way of eating, I wanted to give it a try. Christine has been tracking her calories, fat, sugar, carbs, protein, etc., through My Fitness Pal. And I after I saw how creative she was getting in the kitchen, I thought this might be a path to try. So yesterday was day 1! I didn't actually use up all of my allotted calories, and did feel pretty hungry in the afternoon but powered through it. Today I plan to change it up a little and eat more during the day. I'll keep you posted as this rolls along, but meanwhile, here's what I ate!


breakfast: organic oat bran w/water and topped with strawberries + splenda, coffee w/cream


mid-morning tea time to warm up in my cold office; I usually go with English Breakfast


lunch: 2 spinach dr. praeger's spinach burgers w/reduced sugar ketchup...


...pickled beets + part skim string cheese


snack: whole foods hearth bread with creamy light french onion laughing cow wedge --->not a typical afternoon snack but I think I was just really excited that I could have carbs on this.


dinner: grilled turkey burger w/cheddar cheese on a sesame bun + roasted carrot fries


For dessert, I had a frosted brownie leftover from the weekend. Certainly not the healthiest dessert, but they were in my fridge and I just can't resist. Tonight I'm planning on something a little lighter, like a fruit bowl with whipped cream perhaps.


What have you been eating lately? Are you into calorie counting?