Mom Mommy Mama Moooom!


Lately Penelope has been doing something awesome.

She consistently calls me Mom.

The situations and inflections and Moms vary, but it's there. And it's just about the best thing going. It ranges around the following:

Maamaaa! ---> when she's really happy to see me and usually accompanies running into my arms

Mom? Mom? Mom!! ---> like a tiny teenager wondering what I'm doing or where I am. Kind of like this.

Mom! Mom! Mooooom! ---> hey Mom look at this really cool thing I'm doing.

Mamamamama ---> reserved for snuggling and P grabbing my face and giving me kisses

In short, all of these instances equal pure joy.


I was never the girl who dreamed of being a Mom. When I was a kid, I loved playing with dolls and Barbies...but as I grew up, I never dreamed of being a Mom or could imagine myself as a Mom. That part of life would be reserved for a very much older Me. I knew that someday I'd probably want to have kids - though I did have fleeting moments of not totally being sure about that - and I never 'couldn't wait' to be a Mom.

When Shaun and I decided to start a family, of course I was excited. And when I was pregnant, I loved it. When she was born, I didn't necessarily feel like a Mom, though I suppose most people feel that way. As time went on and Penelope was a really tough newborn, I loved her more than life but admittedly it didn't really feel that great to be a Mom.

As she has grown older, being a Mom has just gotten better and better.  Now that she is talking up a storm and calling Shaun and I by our designated names - usually Mama and Dada - well it feels pretty dang awesome to be a Mom.

And for a final bit of fun, Shaun and I always joke that she is starting to sound like this: