What time do you go to sleep at night?


Today's post is a little random, but it's what I'm feeling today! I didn't do What I Ate Wednesday this week because I had planned to photograph yesterday and my eats seemed eerily similar to last week's. I thought perhaps I'll take a break this round and pick it up again next week! (Christine is doing it though, if you are looking for some foodspiration!)

This week got off to a rocky start since Penelope and I slept at my parents house on Sunday night so that we could have a little Oscar party with my mom and sisters. This meant going to sleep late after that marathon of a show (and I didn't even make it until the end), and waking up extra early to drive back to Jersey City, drop P off at school and get myself to the office. Oh and I sat in a whole lotta traffic on Monday morning. So in short, I started off the week feeling pretty sleepy!

On a typical night, Penelope goes to sleep around 8, Shaun and I eat dinner at 8:30, we watch TV for a while on the couch and start getting ready for bed around 10. If I'm being honest, I usually feel pretty tired on most days, and I don't have a newborn or infant to blame. Penelope is a champion overnight sleeper. She typically sleeps 8pm - 7:15am! So I really can't complain.

For the last couple of nights in particular, we've all just felt exhausted (due to a combination of a very busy weekend and this terribly cold weather I think!), and so while P has maintained her usual 8-8:15 bedtime, Shaun and I have been eating dinner on the early side and then getting in bed before 10pm.

You guys, my life is changed! After 2 nights of this, I'm feeling a bit better and less exhausted. This morning was so much easier to wake up and get myself out of bed!  I'm not totally sure how sustainable this is, though. I don't get home until almost 7pm and I already feel like the nights are cut super short. Perhaps trying to eat dinner earlier will help elongate a short night? I'll keep you posted on these developments!

What time do you go to sleep at night? How does it affect your evening, daily mood and morning?