Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends!

I'm finally ready to declare that I'm so totally beyond over this cold weather. I usually try not to complain about cold weather because I'm such a hot weather hater, but enough is enough. The above photo was taken from my office over the Hudson River, which was almost completely frozen earlier this week. My co-workers and I were all going nuts over this truly amazing sunset which reflected its gorgeousness over the frozen river. I know that I've posted pictures of this view a lot, but this was too incredible not to share!

So what are your weekend plans? We are going to meet my best friend's new baby tomorrow and I cannot wait to snuggle her! Tonight we have big plans to catch up on Justified. Have you been watching this final season? It's really one of my favorite shows and I will be so so bummed when it is over. This season has also been particularly awesome, which is not something that most final seasons can claim. I don't know what I'm going to do when I can no longer get my Boyd OR Jax fix (see Sons of Anarchy final season also).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Here are some links to keep you distracted today!


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I made these truly amazing flourless black bean brownies last weekend. So so good.

A look at the mobile payment app, Venmo...do you use it? We use it all the time in the office to pay for lunch.

32 will they or won't they TV couples. I love this stuff so much.

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