What I Ate

It's Wednesday! Welcome to the hump!

I'm doing What I Ate Wednesday again this week and kind of loving taking a snapshot of my daily eats to share with you. I'm still following My Fitness Pal, and while weight is not exactly falling off of me, I've been finding it pretty easy to stick with and have lost a couple of pounds in the process. I was hoping that I'd have lost more last week with my tapeworm and all, but no dice unfortunately! One of the things I've really been loving lately is getting back in the kitchen for some creative meals! This week I already tried 2 new dishes (see them below!) and both were keepers. Shaun and Penelope agreed!


breakfast: wasa crisp 'n light crackers w/1 tbsp peanut butter & 1 banana, sliced on top; DD hazelnut w/cream & sweetener (obviously). peanut butter tends to be a gateway for me, so I measure it out each morning and only pack the amount that I allow myself to eat (1 tbsp per day). this is such a filling breakfast!


lunch: italian wedding soup! this was sunday's dinner and lunch on monday was leftovers. penelope and I cooked this up on sunday night and we all loved this soup! i did swap out pork meatballs for chicken, though.

snack: dannon light 'n fit cherry greek yogurt. yogurt isn't my fave, but it gets the job done.


dinner: honey mustard chicken thighs w/fresh tarragon + roasted asparagus (new go-to dinner for sure! and penelope helped prep this one too!)

To cap off the evening, I also enjoyed some deep dish cookie pie that I made last week. It's just.so.good!

I actually felt like this was a pretty balanced day, eating-wise. Lots of healthy food and tons of veggies (between the veggie-packed soup & dinner). I'm excited to hopefully share some more new foods with you next week!

What have you been eating lately?