Friday Fun



Well we made it to Friday. I'm so happy that it's here! This week has felt long and trying and at times I just felt really unhappy, which I hate. This was the first week in quite a while in which I didn't have to wear boots to trudge through snowy sludge and could wear some different footwear like my favorite slip ons. It also made me realize that my spring footwear may need a makeover.

I have a few things happening this weekend and mostly I'm looking forward to sleeping in, catching up on shameless and spending some time cooking with Penelope. We are also really hoping that the weather will be good enough for a long awaited trip to the park on Sunday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next week!

some Jersey things

changing the c-section birth. this too was something i did not want when i had penelope, unless it was absolutely required! this more modern style seems like something a little more palatable for me.

25 life hacks to eat better

giada's pan roasted asparagus with crispy fried egg looks like it will be a fantastic dinner for one

what new york city food are you, based on your astrological sign? i'm a cancer and this is spot.on.

ahhh an emoji keyboard!

this love letter to a first born child had me tearing up! something i think about often as we begin thinking about more kids in our future

if worrying is good for you, then i'm set for life.

some foods that will keep you up at night

how to add some umami to vegetarian dishes

the best lines from this week's justified. i've said it 100 times and i'll say it again - i will be really bummed when there's no more boyd & raylan in my life.


have a great one!