Happy Friday!

It's the first day of spring, yet here we are prepping for a snowstorm later today. To say that I am over it is an understatement of the highest degree. Tonight, I plan to settle in with some wine and take out and catch up on Justified. We have a few things going on this weekend, but mostly I plan to just take it easy and (hopefully!) catch up on sleep! I hope you have a great weekend ahead, filled with relaxing time, lattes and loved ones!


Here are some of my favorite things I read this week in case you are in need of some Friday distractions:

crushing hard on these pistachio pudding cupcakes. aren't they a gorgeous spring treat?

how well do you know these game of thrones characters?

5 things I wish for my children in elementary school. yes to all.

12 best kept secrets of successful business people

these 4 ingredient dessert recipes are genius

one of my favorite foods: perfect sweet potato fries. can't wait to try this version!

have you seen these hug your city selfies?

i adore these french toast skewers for a spring brunch

a live action fraggle rock movie with joseph gordon levitt? yes please!

the wine that you may or may not be drinking may or may not have all the poison

would you rather your kids try marijuana or alcohol? a pediatrician weighs in and i'd have to agree (though obviously the right answer is neither! ha!)

10 things to know about coconut oil

and finally, how serial is changing the classroom


have a great weekend! and also:

yep, even Penelope doesn't get this whole 'spring has arrived' thing.