Toddler Bath Time Favorites

toddler towels/sesame street bubble bath/johnson & johnson shampoo & conditioner/sesame street fizzy tub colors/sofia the first bath paint set/cetaphil/jambox by jawbone


Lately, Penelope has been loving her bath time. If I ask her about taking a bath, she yells 'bubbles!' and runs into her bathroom, starts gathering her bath time goodies and reaching to turn the water on. We've elevated her bathtime experience with a few fun items and now I find myself having to bribe her to get her out of the tub, or finally draining the tub so she is cold enough to get out.

These are some of our bath time must-haves that we use for each and every bath time! Penelope absolutely adores picking her bath fizz color, loves lots of bubbles (we love this Sesame Street kind because it makes lots and lots of bubbles that last), and this adorable Sofia the First paint set. The paint set comes with a sponge, small paint tray and a paint brush and P is obsessed. We are finally running out of paint, so it looks like I'll be picking more up this week! It also comes in other themes, not just girly versions ;) Fluffy towels and a thick post-bath moisturizer complete the list.

My own must-have is the Jambox, which I connect to my iPhone and Spotify app for a wide variety of bath time music, ranging from Disney and Sesame Street to Billy Idol and The Temptations.


What are your favorite kid-approved bath time items?