Happy Friday!



How was your week? My week went well, but I'm still battling a mild and weird stomach bug or flu. I was supposed to fly out to Iowa yesterday, but my trip was canceled due to this crazy weather. Hopefully what they say is true: that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. I had to share the above photo with you because it's a prime example of Mom getting excited about something (this DIY Dr. Seuss shirt), and Penelope just hating all over it. While it was a rough morning, I have to look at this and laugh. Just keepin' it real for you. What are your weekend plans? Penelope and I are joining my mom and sisters for wedding dress shopping tomorrow, a potential date night with Shaun tomorrow evening, and then we are having friends over for brunch on Sunday. And most of all, I'm just hoping this plague passes us by sooner rather than later!

I hope you all have a wonderful and fun weekend! Here are some links to keep you distracted today!


These Lucky Charms marshmallow crispy treats look awesome

I'm going to try this paleo shamrock shake copycat

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Earlier this week was Dr. Seuss' birthday! Here are some Seusstastic quotes.

Love this behind-the-scenes from the creators of Always Sunny about how they didn't want to add Danny DeVito to the cast

A lesson in how to raise nice kids

Penelope is really becoming a snack monster and so I'm looking forward to trying these sunbutter energy bites for a healthy option

Would you drink this Peeps milk?

This low cal Mexican hot cocoa looks like a great easy treat

8 first time Mom mistakes. Yep.