A-mazing Spring Weekend

This weekend was nothing short of perfection in the weather department. I've been longing for sunny spring days and this weekend we got two of them. The cherry blossoms were in bloom, the playgrounds were packed and we all benefited from a very healthy dose of vitamin c. There's nothing quite like ending the day with a tinge of sunburn, windswept hair and a strong desire to make a cocktail and fall asleep early from outdoor exhaustion.

Shaun occasionally refs soccer on spring weekends and this Saturday he had a tournament which meant that Penelope and I were on our own from Friday night to Saturday night.

After Shaun left on Friday, I broke out the popcorn machine for our girls night. Penelope loves it and so do I. It just makes movie night feel really special, like an event. I love that. Once Penelope went to sleep, I curled up in bed to watch the latest Outlander and I also started The Jinx. Full blown obsession on both.

Saturday we were up early and hit up music class.

Afterwards, we ran back to our apartment to get ready to head out for the day. We were heading to Brooklyn to visit my sister Kim for the day. It's so rare that we have a free weekend day to leisurely do this kind of thing and it was awesome.

We started with lunch at Avlee, a charming little Greek restaurant. We dined on pita and baba ganoush, gyro bites, Greek salad and chunky fries. It was the perfect fuel for an afternoon at the park!
We headed over to the park and ran into Kim's future mother-in-law and some friends. This is what I love about city living.

Many trips down the slide and a swing meltdown later, we were off to cool down in the shade and indulge in my favorite cold summer treat - ice cream! We found a gelato place nearby and P and I each got a cup of strachiatella.
Penelope was also enamored by the amazing array of Italian cookies and so we both picked out one of those as well. M&M for her and a pinioli for me, in case you were wondering. We walked back to Kim's to try on bridesmaid dresses, and then Penelope and I headed out of dodge to meet back up with Shaun. We picked up dinner to bring home and crashed hard and early on the couch.

On Sunday, we were awoken by Fresh Direct and our grocery delivery. We've been using this a lot lately and it's been a huge time saver for me on the weekends.
We packed up the car and headed to Hamilton Park in Jersey City. It was another glorious day, if slightly windy, but I didn't mind at all. We started with coffee and juice at Smith & Chang General Goods, the cutest (and yummiest) little coffee spot I ever did see.

We had lots of swing, slide and playground time. Our favorite way to spend a Sunday.

It was so nice out so we decided to have brunch al fresco, but unfortunately Penelope had other plans in mind. So we ended up not staying and just heading home so that she could nap.

Meanwhile I made these cookie butter cookies from Monday's post and Shaun dusted off the patio furniture that's been hiding under a tarp for the last bunch of months.

We ended the weekend with dinner (grilled turkey burgers & oven-baked fries), watched Chicken Run with Penelope (on Netflix now) and I broke out the last piece of carrot cake from the freezer. P was in bed on time and then Shaun and I drifted off to sleep while watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. A great weekend that made me so very excited for all of the warm weather weekends in our future!

How was your weekend?


What is your favorite fuel for the day? Mine is coffee, every time.