What I Ate: Fridge Clean Out Edition

It's Wednesday again and that means it's time for another edition of What I Ate! Thanks to Jenn @ Peas & Crayons for hosting the link up!

This week, I was coming off of the holiday weekend high where I just ate everything in sight. I didn't really have a chance to meal plan or prep for the week and so I ended up ordering groceries to be delivered for last night. So with a semi-empty fridge, I made do what what I had on hand and ultimately, it all worked out, though it was not always pleasant. Let's get down to it!


breakfast: dyed easter eggs that i'm trying to use up before they are too far past their prime. these almost were. since the eggs left a lot to be desired, I didn't eat all of it and felt hungry after brek. 

snack: 1 string cheese + 1 babybel cheese


lunch: 2 turkey burgers + some green beans. this was leftover from last night's dinner {where i also snapped this photo}. As Shaun noted, it looks like a Picasso smiley face.


snack: after lunch i still felt sooooo hungry, so i made a small bowl of oat bran, microwaved with skim milk & sweetener until thick & creamy.


after my snack, I wandered into the office kitchen to see what was happening there and tried to resist the quite random assortment of communal goodies. this is a pretty accurate depiction of our kitchen counter on any given day, and I swear, you can't make this stuff up.


I resisted a spoonful of pb & avocado matzos, and instead found an about-to-expire yogurt in the office fridge that I had left there probably a long time ago. One more day til expiration, though, so score!


dinner: cauliflower pizza, a serious new favorite in the repetoire! I've been using this recipe with a few modifications and it's been awesome.

I totally overdid it with the amount of pizza that I ate, so I was actually too full for my Dukan galette. I know, it's crazy, that NEVER happens! I did have a spoonful of whipped cream which covered my sweet craving for the night.

Overall, this day of eating was a good reminder as to why I need to be fully stocked with groceries. I felt like I was scrounging for food all day and never really felt satisfied, probably because I didn't have any of the foods that I would typically eat. I felt ill-prepared to stay on course and that's just never a good thing. Lesson learned for sure!

What have you been eating lately?