Mother's Day 2015

Today it feels as though we've skipped right over spring and ran right into summer. It's very warm and humid out and I'm wishing that I took the time this weekend to switch my winter and summer clothes because I really had a hard time finding something to wear this morning. How was your weekend? We had a really nice one. All I really wanted this weekend and for Mother's Day was to spend as much time as possible with Penelope and so that's what I did. Saturday was spent catching up on life. I spent some time reorganizing Penelope's toys which was long overdue and I finally have a reduced sense of anxiety over how cluttered our apartment feels. Shaun made steaks for dinner and it was glorious to just be home, drinking wine late at night and watching TV.

On Sunday, we had a packed day of visiting family. We started the morning with brunch at my parents house. We dined on bagels, cheesy scrambled eggs, cheese blitzes and more. We played outside with bubbles and chalk and just enjoyed a casual day with family. My aunt, uncle and cousins joined us and our best family friend was in town from Poland. After brunch, we hopped over to visit Shaun's parents for the rest of the afternoon. We grilled burgers and hot dogs for our first grill of the season. I'm so ready for a long summer filled with burgers and hot dogs! We spent more time outside playing with bubbles and even got a little soccer going with Penelope.


I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm so thankful for this wonderful weather that allowed us to have so much outdoor time :)