Home Sick + Some Remedies

I don't have a Baby Talk Tuesday for you today. I'm home sick and working from my bed. I'm suffering from what I believe is a sinus infection (to be confirmed this afternoon) and really terrible laryngitis. In fact I have no voice whatsoever. This has really posed a challenge in communicating with Penelope, though now she seems to think we are all supposed to just speak in a whisper. Not the worst I suppose, though if the universe wanted me to teach her to speak more softly, there could have been an easier way...just sayin'. Oh and one of my ears is clogged so I can barely hear out of it. It all started slowly over the weekend and then the plane ride home from Dallas on Sunday did not do me any favors. And so alas, here I am. 

Though I have an appointment with my doctor for a proper diagnosis, here's what I've been doing to help my symptoms:

Drinking hot water with lemon + honey to soothe the throat. Although I'm on my last 1/2 lemon, so I guess I'd better send for help.

Drinking all the hot beverages. When I'm sick with any sort of cold or sinus situation, the only relief I find is with a hot beverage, and I don't mean coffee. Tea is where it's at.

Popping Advil Cold + Sinus. I will take Mucinex if I'm really desperate, but I don't love the way that makes me feel. Advil helps de-clog without making me feel like my heart may or may not burst out of my chest. 

Spraying some Simply Saline. I just tried this for the first time last night and I'm digging it! It helped unclog my ear last night so that I could get some sleep. 

Resting....hard. Yesterday I pushed through and went to work, but today I knew I just needed to be home to rest. I'm finding it quite easy to be productive in a quiet apartment and a day to myself. I may also take a nap later which I think will be much-needed.

So that's what's happening around here. I just hope no one else around me gets this terribleness!

What are your at-home remedies for colds and/or sinus infections?